Wahl Magic Clip

Wahl Magic Clip

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• Cord/Cordless operation
• 90 minute run time with 2 hour charge time
• Powerful and durable rotary motor
• Lightweight and sleek ergonomic design
• 5,800 RPM

Features a "STAGGER-TOOTH" blade with "CRUNCH" blade technology for a smoother and faster cut.

Alternating cutting paths: Stagger-tooth blade features tall square teeth alternating with small teeth in between, combined with the enhanced taper lever, making a longer throw for more efficient cutting. This results in a softer texturized finish, for a perfectly blended fade.

High precision carbon steel blade

Tackles larger, denser amounts of hair at one time without bogging down or pulling.

Adjustable lever varies the taper and texture of the cut without changing the blade.

Ideal for precision fades and blends.


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